Pink Collagen Complex is a Game Changer

| 2024-03-14

Nourishing Pink Collagen This revolutionary skin nutrition supplement draws inspiration from nature, harnessing the power of natural ingredients to promote healthy and beautiful skin. Unlike many skincare products that only target superficial issues on the skin surface, the Pink Collagen Complex takes a holistic approach to beauty by nourishing your body from the inside out. […]

Nikken Pimag Waterfall System - Revolutionizing Water Filtration

| 2023-12-11

Pimag Waterfall Advanced Pure Water System Tired of bottled water cluttering up your home? Sick of the chemical taste from your tap? Upgrade to the revolutionary Nikken Water Filter for clean, mineral-rich, great-tasting water right from your sink. Nikken Waterfall The Pimag Waterfall incorporates cutting-edge silver activated carbon filtration to remove contaminants and balance pH, […]

Magnetic Pillow

| 2023-11-05

Magnetic Pillow Find your perfect fit with the versatile Nikken Kenko Magnetic Pillow. Whether you like it soft or firm, you can easily adjust the firmness to your liking. Simply remove or add back the latex filling. Plus, you can customize the neck support separate from the head support. Experience the ultimate comfort with the Nikken […]

Pimag Water System

| 2023-10-11

Nikken Pimag Water System The world is constantly evolving, and so is technology. It is no surprise that there are advanced technologies in the water filtration industry. The Nikken Pimag Water System uses advanced  technology to ensure that the water you drink is not only clean but also healthy. The Pimag System incorporates magnetic technology that […]

Nikken Water Filter

| 2023-09-07

Nikken Water Purification System Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Chances are your tap water contains a variety of impurities, from chlorine and lead to pesticides and industrial chemicals. Protect your health and the health of your family with the Nikken water filter. This innovative system uses multiple stages of filtration to remove […]

Is Water Antiaging?

| 2023-03-23

Reversing the Aging Process Did you know that by 2025 the global antiaging market is supposed to reach $55 billion.  There are so many lotions and potions being sold all around the world to slow the aging process, including anti-aging creams, anti-aging serums, and anti-aging supplements. But one of the most cost effective and overall […]

Water for Life

| 2023-02-08

Water Is Essential To Life I love water. It has always been my drink of choice. When I grew up on my grandfather’s farm, we had a new deep well and the water that came from it tasted so good.   It was refreshing and pure. I loved drinking water, and I was teased by my […]

The Choice of a New Life in 2023

| 2023-01-05

The Life You Live Is Entirely Up To You Are you a person who makes New Year’s Resolutions?  People often make resolutions for the New Year and in a couple of days to weeks, they are throwing in the towel on the declarations that they made.   Making a resolution and not keeping it is profitable […]

Leveling Up Work & Home Life

| 2022-12-18

Leveling Up   Work Life Balance People are always talking about creating balance in their lives.  It is my opinion that balance doesn’t exist.  Leveling up is a much better way to describe having the right proportions of wellness in the areas of mind, body, family, society, and finances.   Most people agree that career and […]

Wellness and Community: A Perfect Connection

| 2022-08-04

Wellness and Community During COVID lock down, one of the hardest things for people around the globe was being isolated.  Isolation is not good for our health.  Human Beings need other human beings in order to thrive.  Having a community of like minded human beings is optimal.  One of the things that helped my husband […]