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Nikken PiMag Waterfall

Your PiMag waterfall will provide you with filtered, clean, pure alklaline-drinking water at a fraction of the cost of bottled water. The Nikken water filter is the best water purifier for home use. You will have all the Nikken PiMag, clean, alkaline, and fresh tasting water your family can drink. Even your pets will love PiMag water. Here are some of the benefits of Nikken water and the features of the Nikken waterfall that you will appreciate:


The Waterfall provides multiple layers of filtration to guard against an extensive range of contaminants found in municipal and well water.

  • The micro sponge pre-filter eliminates sediment, rust and particles up to 0.1 microns. Activated Charcoal eliminates odors, colors, chlorine, organic compounds, detergents & chemicals from the water
  • Activated Charcoal with Silver-Purifies the water and eliminates bacteria
  • Activated Magnesium Charcoal increases the antioxidant potential and filters pollutants
  • KDF Material generates oxide reduction to minimalize chlorine, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria
  • The Ion Exchange Resin reduces heavy metals and adds sodium and potassium ions for better water quality
  • Mineral Stones release minerals and oxygen while preventing bacteria growth and regulating the pH of the water
  • Bioceramic Beads create micro structured water which hydrates better
  • Silica Sand removes precipitate and impurities while regulating the pH
  • Magnetized spigot energizes the water as you dispense it


Water is an essential component of our daily liquid intake, which is essential for life. You will feel confident knowing the waterfall removes 99.99% of bacteria from your water. Higher pH water is seen by many as an effective way to bring balance to our bodies by lowering oxidation and combating our acidic diets and lifestyles. Instead of buying an alkaline water machine you get a water filter system for home that alkalizes the water too. You get two benefits with just one purchase.


The Waterfall is the best countertop water purifier available and takes up little counter space. It needs no electricity. You easily set it up right out of the box. It is simple. Place it on your counter under the cupboards. It is a tap water filter system. Just pour tap water in the top. It is a gravity water filter, just like a mountain waterfall. No plumbing is needed. The water flows thru the filter, over the rocks and is energized as you dispense it. It is a small water filter and travels well in a reusable shopping bag. Having a portable water purifier for travel is a bonus.


The Nikken Waterfall received this approval by completing rigorous testing on standards in the areas of performance, capacity, and its ability to remove drinking contaminants. This further demonstrates the quality of Nikken’s advanced water filtration system in the Waterfall.

PiMag Water and Cooking

Filtered alkaline water is great for cooking. Are you a coffee or tea drinker? Everyone is amazed at the taste of coffee and tea made with PiMag water. It is delicious.

Children benefit from a PiMag water purifier machine

It can be really difficult to get kids to drink enough water, especially the younger ones. Most children love PiMag water. One friend of mine’s four year old grandson would not drink water except when he came to her house. He called his grandmother’s PiMag water magic water. He told his mother that he wanted her to get a Nikken waterfall like his grandmother had because tap water was yucky. You can make your kids feel better and promote their health without them even knowing it.

Pets appreciate a PiMag filtration system too

Our animals need water as much as humans do. They really appreciate good water. A sight impaired friend of mine had a guide dog. Each day when he went to work, his office manager would fill the dog’s bowl with PiMag water from her waterfall. One day the manager left her waterfall at home. When the dog arrived she filled the bowl with tap water. The dog walked up to the bowl, smelled it and turned around without even tasting the tap water and went back to lie down. The dog didn’t like the smell of the water and he didn’t drink any water the entire day. The next day the dog was given PiMag water again. He drank it down quite happily. Dogs have a keen sense of smell. They know what is good for them and what isn’t. You can make your best friend very happy and help him live better with PiMag water.

Pi Mag water is cost effective

Your Nikken PiMag Water System will cost you a fraction of what most people pay for a water filtration system for home. Nikken products are affordable, effective, and provide natural ways for you to promote wellness in your home by connecting with nature.

Dimensions Diameter: 9.8 in/24.9 cm
Height: 16.7 in/42.3 cm
Width: 8.86 in/22.5 cm
Depth: 12.8 in/32.5 cm
Weight 6.6 lb/3 kg
Water temperature range 39º F/4º C (min) to 100º F/38º C (max)
Water tank capacity Fill tank 1.32 gallons/5 liters
Supply tank 1.45 gallons/5.5 liters (with mineral stones)
Magnet strength 1,200 gauss
Flow rate Approximately 0.03 liters/quarts per minute or 1.875 liters/quarts per hour maximum. Rated service flow: 45 liters/12 gallons per day.
Component life Prefilter and filter cartridge: 3 months or 900 liters/238 gal, whichever comes first


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How important is water?

It’s this simple, without water we die in 3 days. Outside of air, water is probably the most important component of vital wellness. Most people think of water as a beverage of choice, but it is a vital nutrient. If you are concerned the health of your family and protecting them, you want to choose the best home water filtration system available. The Nikken Waterfall is a good choice.

Do you really need a water purifier machine for home?

Absolutely, when your family is drinking water from the tap they are drinking toxic chemicals. Tap water is chlorinated to kill bacteria in our drinking water. All municipal water must contain chlorine, but chlorine is a toxic chemical and you shouldn’t drink it. Tap water has no minerals and therefor is acidic and less hydrating. You need a water filter machine for home to convert your tap water into pure, alkaline, and mineralized water to promote balance in your body.

What about bottled water?

Bottled water is acidic. It usually contains no minerals and leaches plastic into the water. You drink the water and the plastics are absorbed into your body. Research has found that leached plastics in our bodies may cause serious health problems. In addition, water bottles are one of the greatest environmental pollutants around the globe. Today water bottles are being dumped in our oceans and the plastic pollution is showing up in our seafood. Drinking bottled water is not the answer. Your family needs an alkaline water filter for your home.

How do I choose when there are so many Home Water Purification Systems?

When choosing a home water filtration system there are a lot of choices and many considerations. You want to consider that many of the water purification methods produce acidic water without minerals which is less hydrating. Many people don’t realize that a whole house water filter can waste an enormous amount of water. You could use 5 gallons of water to produce a gallon of drinking water. Water is a precious resource and we don’t want to waste it. This is an important issue to address when choosing your drinking water filter system. You want a system that conserves water.

Water Filter Features that will benefit you:

  • A Small water filter that is portable and a filter without electricity. This makes your filter the most versatile. This will allow you to use your home purifier as a camping water filter too.
  • A Tap water filter system means that you use your home’s tap water source and never have to leave home to get clean purified water again.
  • A Natural water purifier so that the mineral content of the water is balanced and you aren’t adding any unwanted chemicals to your water.
  • An Alkaline Water Filter System so that your water can provide a source of alkalinity that your body needs to combat the acidic foods and drinks you enjoy every day.

The Nikken PiMag Waterfall is the ideal purification system.

It is a pure water purifier and the best alkaline water filter for your home because it is effective, affordable and convenient. You take it out of the box, set it up, and the next morning you can begin to use your system to provide your whole family pure drinking water and provide the best water for cooking ever.