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Founded in 1975 in Japan, Nikken is now an international company that has done extensive research in the health benefits that can be derived from magnetic technology. Their are some of the most advanced magnetic devices on the market today, like water and air purifiers, message devices, sleep masks, and magnetic mattress pads. Their offerings are intended to produce magnetic effects for medicinal purposes.

Your home’s tap water contains toxic chemicals, including chlorine. Your indoor air is contaminated with pollen, mold, cleaning materials, the commodities used to build and furnish your house, and the dander from any household pets. Nikken has a solution for all these issues and more.

Millions of customers around the world believe Nikken helps them achieve a balanced lifestyle and total wellness. Their products are intended to bring about good health naturally by using the natural energy of the body and the earth to affect air and water quality along with better relaxation and sleep.

Their motivation is to make your home healthier and more relaxing. Your personal space should allow you to unwind after the stress of modern day life.

Predicated on natural energy forms, their products integrate well with each other to promote good health.

Nikken also offers plant-based omega that is derived from renewable sources to support your cardiovascular system, your nervous system, your immunity, and skin health. Their omega fatty acids enhance brain functions, memory, and blood pressure. Their omega supplements break down food and drinks to be more easily absorbed by the body. They build cell membranes and support metabolic health.

You may want to consider the Nikken opportunity as a side hustle or for building a full time business. Magnetic therapy, products that target the benefits of health and wellness for everyone, and the company’s principle five pillars of wellness may just be the combination that strikes a chord with you.