Blindfold For Sleeping

This magnetic sleep mask provides a spa like experience every time you put it on and drift away into your dreams, whether for a rejuvenating power nap or deep sound night’s sleep. The Nikken Mask has something that no other mask sold does, patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology. DynaFlux will transform your sleep into the ultimate sleep experience. The Kenko Power Sleep Mask combines the comfort of soft temperature regulating fabric with our patented magnetic energy. This powersleep sleep mask is like no other.

There are a lot of sleep masks for sale and you may be saying there are a lot of sleep masks near me, but do you know which is really best? Research in England twenty years ago showed the benefits of sleep masks. Nikken has been the leader in research and development for magnetic energy technologies for wellness for 45 + years. Nikken first brought an energy sleep mask to the market almost 20 years ago. Nikken has been working using research and continuous improvement in design to keep enhancing the performance of their magnetic sleep mask. The Kenko Power Sleep mask is the best sleep masks, we have ever designed and sold. You will love yours after you begin to use it.

Here are the benefits of each feature:

  • The Nikken sleep mask provides maximum comfort which is created by the Patented DynaFlux Magnetic Technology. DynaFlux creates a larger magnetic field by the position in which the magnets are placed without using higher gauss.
  • The mask is extremely comfortable because of the softness of the microfiber material from which is it made. It fits gently over your eyes, which is a feature found in the best sleep masks.
  • Total darkness is optimal for deep sleep and this mask creates complete darkness for your best rest. With today’s electronics often found in our bedrooms, this is a great feature.
  • It controls the temperature of your face naturally with microfiber and ceramic reflective fibers. When our head and face are too cold or too hot, we don’t sleep well, and this creates a solution.
  • For your convenience a travel pouch is included for daily storage or travel. This helps keep the mask cleaner, which is better for your eyes and sensitive skin around your eyes.
  • To clean, just wash it out in the sink with water or a gentle cleanser and lay it flat to dry. Easy care is important for sleep masks best for nightly use, because the mask being clean is important for your eyes and sensitive skin.

My husband and I love our eye masks. Our bedroom has large windows facing East and the light pours in early in the mornings. My husband had always said that there really weren’t sleep masks for men, until I gave him a Nikken sleep mask. He loves the design, comfort and creates total darkness.

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Five Reasons a Sleep Mask is Good for You

  1. Darkness is Healthy
    Light pollution is a real problem today especially with blue light from electronics. Total darkness has been proven through research to be critical for deep restorative sleep. You want to sleep in a bat cave. Your eye mask should be your vehicle to create a blackout which will regulate your circadian rhythm by letting your body know it’s time to produce melatonin for deep sleep. Research shows that the more melatonin in your body the better the quality of your sleep. You can supplement with melatonin, but doesn’t it make more sense to use a sleep mask to help your body create its own naturally?
  2. Anti-Aging Without Chemicals
    Wearing a mask prevents pillow-case face, which has been hypothesized to decrease collagen production. Wearing a soft gentle mask protects your eyes and reduces puffiness and bags when the mask is worn on a regular basis. It is important that masks be washed regularly without scented detergents or harsh chemicals. When your mask is washed in these the residue will come in contact with your sensitive skin and can be absorbed. An added benefit for your skin is that in research poor sleep has been correlated with acne and cysts. When your eye mask improves your sleep your acme and skin conditions may also improve. That is the kind of side effect that I like to experience, how about you?
  3. Planes, Trains & Automobiles – When we fly on planes or travel by train or car, our sleep can be easily disturbed and create a condition that we call jet lag. Traveling in today’s world is often required for our jobs and for many people traveling is a loved hobby. If you have tried to sleep on a plane, on a train or in a car, you probably know that frequent awakenings create disturbed sleep. Poor sleep can greatly decrease your efficiency on a business trip, and it can certainly diminish your enjoyment on your vacation. A good sleep mask with a travel case that takes up little space may be the perfect solution to help improve your sleep on planes, trains and automobiles.
  4. Stronger Immune System-Stronger You
    Sleep is essential to good health. Today people often see sleep as an inconvenience. That is not true. Eleven days is the longest we can go without sleep and our bodies suffer more each day. Today we are dealing with a pandemic without a cure. But our health habits, which support our immune system can make a difference. When you chronically fail to get 8 hours of sleep per night you increase your risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, impaired immunity, obesity, diabetes, anxiety depression, stroke and some people report a decreased sex drive. Habits that promote a strong immune system along with the following public health guidelines of wearing a mask, waiting with 5-6 feet between others and washing our hands are our best defense against COVID 19, the flu, and most transmittable diseases. Our immune system needs 7-8 hours of restorative sleep per night. Wearing a mask may help you get that rejuvenating sleep.
  5. Mentally Strong – We are living in a very stressful time around the globe. In addition to the pandemic many people have increased financial stresses. Parents have more family stress trying to educate their children through on-line learning and having their schedules changed. Aging parents are often cut off from their families creating stress for them and their adult children. Our society is being challenged around the globe. Negative stress decreases our ability to think clearly and function at our highest level. Good sleep provides the time and rest for our bodies and minds to repair. Almost every mental diagnosis has a sleep disturbance as a symptom. If your sleep mask helps improve your sleep then it may also help you live more mentally strong. A sleep mask is a very affordable solution to help support our invaluable mental health.

Frequent Questions about Sleep Masks

Can a sleep mask be bad for you?

Wearing a sleep mask is not bad for you. You want to be sure that you choose a mask that is breathable, easy to wash and is made of fabric that is gentle on your skin and eyes. You will probably wear your mask every night to receive the most benefit and if it is not clean then that can cause problems for your eyes and your skin. Choose a mask that is simple to keep clean and does not require harsh chemicals for cleaning is important. Whatever material you wear comes in direct contact with your skin and if it has chemicals on it, they can be absorbed into your skin and then your bloodstream. Choose the cleansers you use carefully.

Will wearing an eye mask be bad for my lashes?

Choose a mask with soft fibers and avoid cotton masks or other masks that are made of rough fibers. Masks made with rougher fibers can cause friction and the friction could damage your eyelashes. Mask made of soft fabrics will feel better to your skin and are gentler to your lashes.

Are eye masks bad for the skin around the eyes?

Actually, eye masks protect the delicate skin around your eyes. It will also protect your eyes from dust while you sleep. If your sleep improves with the use of a sleep mask, then you may notice a reduction of wrinkles and puffiness around your eyes that often results from poor sleep.