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Have you ever noticed that the best things that come to us in life show up when we are not looking? I believe there are no accidents. I want to introduce you to my friend Kathy who was not looking for a business and was dealing with a few wellness struggles when Nikken showed up in her life.

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Stay At Home Mom

Kathy is a wife, mother of two adult daughters and loving grandmother of three granddaughters and a grandson. She loves her family and always chose jobs and businesses that allowed her to be there for her children and her own mother. When her mother was aging, Kathy took care of her. Kathy has always been devoted to her family. Prior to being introduced to Nikken, Kathy had always been a successful businessperson and community leader; beginning when she was a young single mom.

Set Your Own Schedule

Kathy gravitated towards jobs and business opportunities throughout her life that gave her the ability to not only make money but have control of her time so she could be there for her family and contribute to her community. Kathy was remarkably successful in Avon, when her children were young and then later in Creative Memories after her children were older. Kathy is a servant leader who has enjoyed being active in her church and worked for the Girls Scouts of America because she believed in developing young women for leadership. Kathy is a person who has always wanted to make a difference in her family, her community, and the world.

Unfortunately, Kathy developed a chronic problem that created discomfort and limited the things that she could physically do as she was aging. She had always been extremely interested in holistic health and utilized chiropractic and other integrative health strategies to improve her discomfort and mobility issues. She was not a person who believed in better living through medicating away symptoms. Kathy had always been an active person and wanted to utilize as many natural solutions as she could to remain active and vital as she aged.

Nikken Magnetic Comforter

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One day, one of her daughters called and told her that she had discovered a company called Nikken that sold energy wellness. Her daughter was hoping that the c and been in car sales company might have something that could make Kathy feel better. When her daughter told her the name of the company was Nikken, Kathy began to laugh. She asked her daughter if she remembered Grandma’s Happy Blanket? Kathy used to keep her grandkids for her daughter when they were sick. She would have the kids lie under the magnetic comforter when they were sick.

Her daughter remembered that when her kids were feeling badly that they would ask to lie under the comforter. They would tell their mother that it made them feel better whenever they lay under it. They loved it so much that they named it Grandma’s Happy Blanket. The grandkids even tried to get grandma to let them take the Happy Blanket home with them, but she said it helped her with joint discomfort and she needed it.

What made the blanket feel so good to lie under were the Nikken energy technologies that are woven into the fabric. Her daughter and grandkids never knew about the energies, but they knew lying under that blanket made them feel good. Kathy had only used a few Nikken products in the past because the Nikken consultant she had worked with had moved away after introducing her to the Nikken Comforter. She lost contact with the company. Kathy was really excited that her daughter had discovered Nikken and brought it back into her life. Immediately Kathy wanted to know what new products were available.

Becoming a Mompreneur Again

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Kathy looked at the new products and immediately decided to become a Nikken distributor and to create her own Wellness home. Kathy said she knew the happy blanket worked so she felt there were going to be more products to promote more comfort and energy in her life.

Kathy also knew the power of direct sales and network marketing because of her past businesses. She loved sharing things with people that could make them feel good. With Avon it had been the cosmetics and jewelry that made women feel pretty. With Creative Memories, she loved assisting women in creating scrapbooks that made them feel good as they passed down memories through their families. Kathy knew that being well is the most essential element of happiness and she wanted to share this with others and improve their lives so they could live more joyfully. The possibility of creating a new career in her retirement years was exciting and scary at the same time.

At first, Kathy thought her chronic problems would prohibit her from building a business because people would not listen to her if she did not have perfect health. Kathy talked with me about that, and I told her I thought that living in a wellness home would help her live more vibrantly and if people saw the improvement in her life they would be really impressed and want to try the products. She wanted to grow her business but was afraid that she would not have the stamina because of her health challenges. I reminded her of how good the happy blanket made her feel and encouraged her to really take notes and notice what was changing as she lived in her wellness home.

Kathy invested in her wellness home for both her wellness and for her business. She was excited that she could write off this purchase on her tax return. Kathy told me it was a win/win. Kathy began to feel better, she had more energy and then she started sharing with others what the water, air, energy, sleep system and the Nikken nutritional supplements were doing for her. Kathy began to call friends and family because she was so excited to share the improvements she was noticing. Kathy shared how much better she was feeling and offered friends the opportunity to experience the energies for themselves. Many the people she contacted became customers, some wanted to build their businesses and others just wanted to stay her friend and were supportive of what the products were doing for her. Kathy was relieved because she was afraid that if people were not interested in the products or business when she contacted them that they would not want to be her friend anymore. What she found was that her friends remained her friends whether they were interested in her business or not.

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I invited Kathy to travel with our organization to Orlando, Florida for a big Nikken event. At the time, she wanted to reach the first level of leadership in the company, by the end of the month. She told me about a week before the trip that she was sad because she was not going to reach her goal this month. I told her not worry. I said if she kept doing the right activities which are sharing the products, the business plan and following up with those she talked with that her success would come. I encouraged her to celebrate every little victory for both her and her teammates. I also shared that going to the big event would boost her enthusiasm and the insights she would learn there would help her reach her goal.

On the last day of the personal development workshop Humans Being More© in Orlando, Kathy walked into the conference room and told me that she was going Silver that day. The night before she had called an old friend at 11 pm and the friend made the decision to join her in business and begin investing in her own wellness home. My husband and I were so excited for her. Kathy asked what it would mean for our business. We told her that with her team’s success we would reach our next leadership level too. In network marketing, we all work together, and we create the most success and money by teaching others to be successful. My husband and I assisted her in getting all her orders in and calculated to make sure she had made her rank advancement. Then we all celebrated her success together by going out for a lovely dinner in Orlando.

Kathy wanted to continue growing her business. Her health was much better, but she worried that her age and having health challenges would prevent her from reaching her goals. I shared the story of a friend of mine named Jim who had been a lawyer, a real estate agent, an owner of a mortgage brokerage and a bank president prior to his retirement. When he was 71 years old his wife became a Nikken distributor. I met him when he was ninety-one and still an active Nikken consultant living in an assisted living community and getting around on a scooter. Jim told me that he had made more money in Nikken since he was seventy-one than he ever did in all the extraordinarily successful careers he had before. Kathy loved this story and began to see the vision of what she could still do. Geoff and I assured her that Nikken provided excellent training and we would provide support and guidance for her and her team as they continued to grow. She said she wanted to reach to the top in Nikken.

We supported her as she created monthly events in two different cities. We drove up to do events with Kathy and her team. We did three way calls for her and for her team members and their prospects. She became a member of her chamber of commerce and created excellent events there. Kathy and her team became regularly active on our weekly team calls where we set goals as an organization and provide feedback and support. Kathy’s business and the other team members businesses were growing strong and then COVID-19 shut the world down.

Kathy’s doubts about reaching her goals grew. However, Nikken pivoted as a company to meet the needs of their distributors and customers with online events during the pandemic. During COVID-19 Geoff and I provided book studies on mind set, sales and business growth. We created online zoom events, and our organization worked together to share the benefits of energy in supporting health in a time when everyone was in fear of illness. I encouraged Kathy to join me in a National MLM coaching program and she did. Kathy was coachable, teachable, and utilized the resources that were provided for her. She made the decision that she was going to reach the Gold Leadership Level in our company.

Team Members in a Circle

In 2021 the world was not completely open, but everyone was working to get back to a more normal way of life. As an organization we set a goal to do a sales blitz to support as many team members as possible who were committed to achieving a new rank. The month that we first set the goal brought unforeseen obstacles for multiple people in Kathy’s organization and we did not reach our goals. Then Kathy, her team and our organization set the same goal for the next month and our company’s website was hacked and the website was down for 2 weeks. The goal was not reached that month, but no one gave up. We simply changed the date. Looked at what was working, what was not working and what we could do more of to reach our goals.

Then our company offered a fabulous promotion for 2 weeks. Kathy, her team, and our entire organization decided that we would reach our goals that month. Every day we cheered each other on through What’s App. We assisted each other with 3-way calls and information on products. We all worked together and shared our progress daily and 14 days into the month everyone who had set a goal to reach a new rank did in fact reach the rank. Kathy became a Nikken Gold consultant and two of her team members became Silver consultants.

On the last day of the promotion, Geoff and I were on the phone multiple times with Kathy and her team members. We called in other crossline business owners who also cheered us on and helped us with three-way calls to customers and helped us with the accounting issues of reaching a new rank. Nikken is a team sport, and we all support each other and work together whether people are in pay line or not. This is one of the things my husband and I love most about Nikken.

This is one of my favorite memories of Kathy and her teammates that month. Shirley, one of Kathy’s team members who was working to reach the first leadership level shared this experience. Shirley had introduced a successful businessperson to Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall water filtration system. She explained how good the water tasted and how it could be helpful to his wellness and save him money. He would ask questions about the system and the water and Shirley would find the answers to his questions and get back with him. Each time she spoke with him she asked if he needed more information or was, he ready to purchase. He purchased a water system on the last day of the promotion after about twelve contacts. He gave Shirley a major compliment. He had been in car sales and had owned a car dealership. He told Shirley he liked doing business with her because she was a professional in providing him with the information he requested and following up. Shirley was so proud of herself because until that moment she had been unsure of herself as a good salesperson. She worried that if she kept calling someone that they would perceive her as annoying or pushy. What she learned was when she continued to call and continued to provide the information that they asked for she was really helping them make a decision. Shirley said we always told everyone on the team that sharing information was not bothering people and that it usually took 12 to 20 contacts to make a sale.

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Geoff and I enjoyed supporting Kathy and her teammates as she reached the Gold level. Now she is working towards advancing to the level of Platinum which is the next leadership level. Kathy wants to go all the way to Royal Diamond, which is the top leadership level. She no longer worries about her age or the fact that every health challenge has not been entirely resolved. She is enjoying a level of health and wellness that she had not had in a long time. Kathy loves working with her teammates, customers, and prospects. Kathy is a leader in Nikken’s Global Wellness Community. Geoff and I are honored to have her as a part of our team and like every member of our team we are committed to be there for her and provide the support for her to reach her goal. We think it is really sad how many people accept being sick as normal and we want to be a part of the movement that shows them how to live happier and healthier naturally.

Remote Work Opportunity

Have you been searching for work from home jobs to make extra money? Would you like to make a difference in people’s lives while making money? Is control of your work schedule important to you? Would you like to make money while you work from home, the beach, the mountains, or any place you choose?

This may be especially timely for burned out nurses and teachers who are looking for a change and the freedom of remote work.

We are looking for a few new team members that would be inspired to help others improve their lives. We love onboarding new teammates and providing them the training and support they need to earn money and reach their goals. You may call or text us at 919 606-6092 or 919-593-2975.