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The Nikken PiMag MicroJet Shower System

Did you know your shower could be hazardous to your health?   Without a shower system that neutralizes chlorine in your shower water, your body absorbs it. Chlorine is a toxic chemical and it is in all municipally treated water to kill unwanted pathogens.  Chlorine needs to be in municipally treated water to make the water safe, however, you don’t want to ingest chlorine while in your shower or when drinking water. Don’t you want your shower to be relaxing and pure?  


It helps neutralize the chlorine in your shower water. It is estimated that you may take in as much chlorine in one shower as you would by drinking 30 glasses of chlorinated water.  You also breathe in chlorine in the shower water vapor.  So every morning in your shower you are absorbing chlorine into your skin, lungs and into your bloodstream.

The Nikken Shower Filter provides an affordable and effective neutralize chlorine showerhead.  It helps neutralize chlorine as the water is filtered through the showerhead and before it is absorbed into your skin, inhaled into your lungs and then transported into your bloodstream. You get clean pure water without the chemicals.  


Both the hand held and wall mount, have been tested according to NSF/ANSI 177 for reduction of free chlorine. So you have independent validation for the removal of chlorine from you shower water.  


  • The PiMag MicroJet Shower Filter effectively reduces the chlorine in your shower water, making your shower water comparable in quality to the water you drink. It has an advanced filtration system to reduce the dirt, sediment and odors that you ordinarily have in your shower water.  You get the most refreshing pure clean shower that you can experience with the valuable shower filter which is comparable to the top rated shower systems but at an affordable price.
  • Many of the best rated shower systems for chlorine reduction simply add chemicals and trap the chlorine to reduce it. Nikken uses a process of reduction/oxidation, which converts free-radical chlorine ions into neutral chlorides. Air-Induction Technology is patent-pending. In addition to neutralizing chlorine, it injects air into the shower water creating a more effective waterfall shower system that increases electronegative potential in the water. It makes the water feel good.  Taking the chlorine out of the water improves the feel of your hair and skin too.
  • Air induction is a unique feature of this luxury shower system that makes the water feel softer by increasing the air-to-water ratio. The water has a lower surface tension and when it passes through the nozzle is less viscous and has less resistance.  The result is pleasurable water pressure without requiring a higher flow rate.
  • The nozzle of the handheld fits comfortably in your hand. Both the shower system with handheld nozzle and the wall mounted shower system create and release microbubbles that feel soft and silky in your water flow. Miniaturized microbubbles effectively create bubbles that provide an effective cleansing action to penetrate surface buildup of soil while providing moisture to the skin.  You get a feeling of soft fresh skin over you entire body and scalp.
  • A unique feature of these showerhead systems is the production of Pi water. Pi water was discovered and studied in remote areas of Japan.  Scientists have noted the amazing benefits to the plants that grow in this water. This PiMag water technology in your showerhead creates and replicates pi water like that found in the remote mountains of Japan in your shower.
  • The Microbubble Shower head systems have Magnetic Technology patented by Nikken that conditions water without chemicals. Most people are looking for natural filtration and want to avoid salts and chemical additives. Another great benefit is the reduction of water clumping and mineral build up which is provided by the magnetic field in the PiWater showerhead.  It leaves your skin and scalp feeling fresh and clean.
  • The shower systems with rain shower and handheld adjustable nozzles provide control and five optional spray settings with two that can be combined and three with individual settings. You are in control of your luxury shower experience.
  • The MicroJet Hand Shower has a full-length, flexible stainless-steel hose providing great comfort and flexibility while showering with the handheld shower. If you prefer, you can fix it in its reinforced bracket and enjoy it just like the wall-mount. If you choose a Wall-Mount you’ll simply replace your current shower fixture.  Either of these will be the best luxury shower system for you and your family.
  • Unique Nikken Technologies include PiMag Water Technology, Air-Induction Technology, and Magnetic Tecnology.


If you have sensitive skin, use chemicals to dye your hair or chemicals to curl or straighten your hair; you will really appreciate this MicroJet Shower head.  There is a noticeable difference in the feeling of your skin and hair as you shower every day and enjoy the feeling of the microbubbles and the pure clean shower water.  This is something that can’t be explained.  You have to feel the difference and you will.  

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Hand shower, 80 inch/203 cm hose, mounting bracket


Natural redox process media (nontoxic), pi ceramic material, two ring magnets (1,200 gauss), stainless steel, polymer


The PiMag MicroJet hand held model filters approximately 5,000 gallons or 3 months worth of water based on average use.

The PiMag MicroJet wall mount model filters approximately 10,000 gallons or 6 months worth of water based on average use.

1-year Standard Limited Warranty