Pimag Waterfall Advanced Pure Water System

Tired of bottled water cluttering up your home? Sick of the chemical taste from your tap?

Upgrade to the revolutionary Nikken Water Filter for clean, mineral-rich, great-tasting water right from your sink.

Nikken Waterfall

The Pimag Waterfall incorporates cutting-edge silver activated carbon filtration to remove contaminants and balance pH, while proprietary Pi magnetics restructure water molecules for improved absorption.

The result is water that’s free of chlorine and chemicals, yet packed with healthy minerals your body craves.

Nikken Products

With its sleek, space-saving design, the Pimag system eliminates the need for multiple filter pitchers and bulky water dispensers.

This all-in-one water solution is exclusively from Nikken, the innovative leader in magnetic and filtration technologies.

The Pimag also alkalizes your drinking water to optimal pH levels for improved energy, digestion and immunity. Its advanced filter even lasts an entire year before needing replacement.

Tap Water Filter

Stop wasting money on bottled water and start enjoying fresh, clean water straight from your tap with the Pimag system.