Water Is Essential To Life

I love water. It has always been my drink of choice. When I grew up on my grandfather’s farm, we had a new deep well and the water that came from it tasted so good.   It was refreshing and pure. I loved drinking water, and I was teased by my family because I drank so much of it.  It was a time when soft drinks were becoming popular, and I grew up in the south where sweet tea was usually the drink of choice. I stuck with water, and I give the credit for drinking good clean water for my healthy clear skin and lots of energy as I grew up.

Pouring clean water from a jug into a glass placed on a wooden bar.

Why Water is Important to Life

It is ironic that water is essential for life and so many people believe it is a boring choice of drink.  They do not understand its importance. Without water, we die in 3 days. Our brains are 73% water and when we experience a 1-2 % dehydration we experience a 5 % decrease in cognitive function.  This affects everyone. Problems with concentration and focus are common for school-aged children.  Not drinking enough water may contribute to children’s poor school performance.  When my kids were young, they often complained that they were thirsty at school, but they didn’t get a chance to go to the water fountain often and they were given milk at school to drink instead of water at lunch.    Today many schools are allowing kids to have water bottles in class so they can stay better hydrated and that is a great solution for hydrating kids and improving focus and brain function.

Dehydration Symptoms

People over 60 years of age are the other age group most acutely affected by dehydration.  As people age, they often have mobility problems.  This makes going to the bathroom more difficult and sometimes even painful.  Therefore, older people tend to drink less water. This can lead to problems with concentration and even mental confusion.  I have noticed this with my father who is 87.  He struggles with his memory, and he doesn’t like drinking water.  Going to the bathroom is a chore. In order to keep him hydrated we have his caregiver offer him water every hour and she reminds him how much better a chess player he is when he is hydrated.  He loves playing chess, so he is willing to drink more.

Benefits of Staying Hydrated

Athletes love water the most. They are always looking for better performance and know that being hydrated increases energy, improves agility, decreases recovery time, and improves mental performance while at the same time supporting body temperature regulation.  Nikken water is the choice of many top athletes because of its benefits.  Nike says if you have a body, you are an athlete.  So, I encourage you to take care of your body like the top athletes do.

Here are 7 compelling reasons to hydrate better:

  1. Energy Boosts
  2. Weight Maintenance
  3. Clear healthy radiant skin
  4. Support for Normal Blood Pressure
  5. Support for body temperature regulation
  6. Support of normal kidney function
  7. Support for better digestion

Water Consumption

So, the question is not if you can benefit from better hydration, but how much water would you benefit from drinking and what kind of water is the best choice?  It is recommended that you drink ½ your total body weight in ounces of water per day.  If you drink caffeine or alcohol, which are both diuretics, then you would benefit by increasing your water intake even more.  This is quite simple, but not always easy. In our busy world, you can lose track of how much water you are drinking.  I recommend that you set an intention to drink your optimal water intake each day and record your water intake on your phone or in a wellness journal.  This creates accountability and accountability promotes success.

The best time of day to have your first glass of water is immediately upon awakening. Drinking an 8-ounce glass of water is a great way to start your morning and fuel your brain.  I hear a lot of people say that they don’t feel thirsty and that is true.  Our body doesn’t have a mechanism to let us know when we are thirsty.  Often when we feel hungry the real problem is thirst.  Choosing to drink water at all three meals will support you in reaching your hydration goal.  This will give you 24oz per day and it’s an easy habit to develop.  Having a BPA-free reusable water bottle with you throughout the day and drinking some water every hour is a great way to improve your energy and focus.  Making this a habit will improve your ability to reach your water intake goal daily.  Also, by having water with you all the time you will find it easier to replace other drinks such as sodas with water. This can support you if another wellness goal is decreasing your sugar intake.  One 8 oz soda often exceeds the recommended daily limit of sugar.

Types of Water

Lastly, you must choose what type of water to drink.  Tap water is certainly the cheapest option and because of the chemicals in tap water, it is not the best option.  In 2023 the price of bottled water is averaging $9.60 per gallon which makes the price of gas seem cheap. You probably don’t think about bottled water costing this amount because you buy it by the bottle which is about 20 ounces and $1.50 per bottle.  This is extremely costly and bottled water is not regulated and is bottled in plastic with BPA’s which leach into the water.


I recommend that you drink filtered water instead of choosing bottled water or drinking tap water. Water that has been filtered in a high-quality water filter will have contaminants and bacteria removed and the taste will be improved.  Many people choose to buy cheap water filters to lower their costs, but cheap filters are usually ineffective at cleaning the water even if they slightly improve the taste.   If you want pure, clean, tasty water to hydrate and energize, you will need to invest in a high-quality water system.

Seventeen years ago, my doctor recommended that I get a Nikken Wellness home to support my wellness.  My wellness home included a Nikken water filter. When I first tasted the water, it reminded me of the fresh well water on my grandparent’s farm when I was a child.   This Nikken Waterfall cleans the water reducing the chemicals and contaminants.  It also adds back trace minerals, energizes the water, and alkalizes it to a pH between 8.5 and 9.  Drinking mineralized alkalized water is a great way to destress your body.

Nikken Water Filter

My husband and I love our Nikken PiMag Waterfall because it is so compact that it fits on our countertop under the cabinets which takes up little space.  It fits easily in a reusable shopping bag, and we travel with it regularly unless we are flying. We both have reusable stainless water bottles that we use to take water with us everywhere we go.  We also have Nikken reusable water filtration sports bottles which deliver the same quality of water.  We never go to a restaurant without those because we choose not to drink tap water with chlorine.  Geoff and I both used to have some stomach issues and drinking pure clean water has supported us well in having happier tummies.

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