Leveling Up


Work Life Balance

People are always talking about creating balance in their lives.  It is my opinion that balance doesn’t exist.  Leveling up is a much better way to describe having the right proportions of wellness in the areas of mind, body, family, society, and finances.   Most people agree that career and finances are two of the major issues when it comes to leveling up our lives.  Our careers often rob us of the precious time we need to spend providing our self-care, taking care of children, caring for our aging parents., and working in our communities for the betterment of our society.  Having the ability to work from home in our career provides a lot of precious time to level up in our lives.

COVID 19 Effects

Working from home became the best COVID Innovation that occurred for many people during the pandemic.   When forced to work from home because of the lockdown, workers learned that they didn’t have to sacrifice their families to make a living.  They learned that they could be more productive in their family lives during their workdays from home.  People loved being able to do laundry during breaks from work, take care of their children while still working, and have all their meal breaks with families.  The nonproductive commute to work was replaced by a time for self-care and family care.  Many employers experienced financial gain and even noticed a boost in productivity from their employees 

Unfortunately, a lot of companies are demanding that their workers return to work now.  They are micro-managers and want the people in the office where they can be observed.   I don’t understand why they don’t want their employees to be happier which is great for productivity.  They could downsize their office space and, in some instances, get rid of it and that would be a huge saving for the company. 

This trend of forcing people to come back to work has led to the great resignation.  Even with inflation and interest rates rising, many employees are not willing to return to the office.  They are determined to have a life with meaning and are willing to decrease their financial gains to have that.


For many years millennials have been saying they wanted careers that allowed them to level up their lives so that they could spend time with family, travel, have time for themselves, and make a difference in the world.  The pandemic opportunity allowed everyone to realize exactly how smart millennials were.  Can you imagine a world where everyone is able to do work that they find mentally and financially rewarding while it provides them with the time to be with their families, do self-care, and make a difference in the world? Although I am not in the age range to be a millennial that is my vision for leveling up my life and looking at the trends there are more people with a millennial mindset than the status quo.

Work From Home Jobs Are Drying Up

In November of 2022, the Washington Post published an article on the mismatch of people wanting work-from-home options and employers wanting everyone to come back to work.  This is hard to understand.  A friend of mine works for a company that had a 100% increase during the pandemic and their gains continue, but they are taking a very hard line with employees who don’t want to return to work inside the workplace.  They either return to the office or they will be fired.  It is hard to grasp what their vision is for their employees and their profits.  Think of what employers could save if they didn’t have to rent all that office space.  I had a vision during the pandemic of all those office buildings being abandoned after employers realized their employees could work from home efficiently.  I delighted in a vision of the abandoned offices being turned into housing for the homeless and for seniors.  Wouldn’t that be a delightful way to use those spaces while happy employees work from home?

Fifty percent of the people who are applying for jobs want a career that they can work from home and only 15% of the jobs being posted are remote jobs.  This is a problem for corporations, and it is a problem for the 50% of people who are searching for careers and want a work-from-home position.

Entrepreneurship Is the Work-From-Home Solution



There is a solution to the work-from-home dilemma.  If there aren’t jobs why not create your own job?  I’m a product of an immigrant ancestor who landed at Plymouth Rock.  Guess what?  The Native Americans weren’t hiring.  My ancestors settled in New Hampshire and became dairy farmers.  It is a labor-intensive very lifestyle restrictive home-based business. 

 When small family farms began to struggle in the 1990s, my relatives still living on the family farm pivoted and opened an ice cream bar in the milking parlor, planted a corn maze, and created a small animal petting area and a garden flower shop.   If you happen to be near Hopkinson New Hampshire, please visit Beech Hill Farm, enjoy some amazing ice cream and pick up some plants and yard art to take home.  We still have 3 generations living there in the beautiful farmhouse and working from home together.

Being an entrepreneur with a home-based business is the solution to getting what you want without having to ask what a boss wants.

What Is the Best Work From Home Career?

You may not have a family who was ever entrepreneurial or worked from home and it doesn’t matter.  You can be the first in your family and create a legacy of independence that an entrepreneurial lifestyle provides.  I have owned franchises that usually don’t provide work-from-home options. I have also owned a traditional business, a psychotherapy practice and after 19 years, I made a home-based business.  This isn’t for everyone because it requires education and practice time to create a home-based business.  I have however for the last 17 years been working in cooperative entrepreneurship or you may have heard of it being called network marketing.  Being a businessperson all of my life, I find it the best business that anyone can own and operate.

Collaborative entrepreneurship offers you the ability to build a business from home, on the road, or any place you want to be.  You become successful by sharing the company’s products and enrolling like-minded people into sharing them.  You are rewarded financially by supporting others to become successful in their home-based businesses.  This is the most equitable and rewarding business structure that exists.  There are many companies in the collaborative entrepreneurial sector.  Just like there are good doctors, bad doctors, good painters, and bad painters it is also true in collaborative entrepreneurship.

If you are ready to leave your office for your own work-from-home collaborative entrepreneurship business take the time to choose your business.  Legacy companies offer quality products and usually have track records of success.  Choose your sponsor in the business wisely because they will be your coach.  You want a coach who is successful, has a personality that you enjoy working with, and is willing to support you in growing your business to reach your goals.

Nikken Is the Best Opportunity Available

Almost seventeen years ago, my husband and I partnered with Nikken.  Nikken was started in Japan in 1975.  One man had a family problem and needed money and he brought to market a magnetic foot pad.  With one product the company went to a billion in sales in less than 5 years only being sold on the island of Japan.  That was a record at the time.  It is a wellness company that works in energy wellness.  We don’t diagnose, treat, or cure.  We aren’t a pain relief company.  We use energy technologies to provide comfort and improve the quality of life by teaching others to create wellness homes for themselves and their families.  Nikken has created a Global Wellness Community.

If you are ready to become a work-from-home mom or dad, a retiree wanting a second career, a person who needs a side gig Hussle to make an extra income to make ends meet or you are already an entrepreneur and want to grow a global business then Nikken can provide exactly what you want.  We are led by a visionary leader in Collaborative entrepreneurship Luis Kasuga.  He has been with this company since it came to North America.  What makes Nikken Different is its philosophy of Humans Being More.  The products change according to technology, but the business has a personal development program like no other home-based business, and it’s built on the foundation of leveling up in the areas of mind, body, family, society, and finances.  If you would like to learn more about this company to see if it is a fit, please contact me.  I don’t know if it will meet your needs or not, and I will enjoy meeting you either way.  If you are one of the crazy ones who are determined to live your life on your terms for meaning, adventure, creating abundance, enjoying and being able to take care of your family, I hope you will reach out so that I have the opportunity to hear about your dreams and see if I have a way to support you achieving them.