Wellness and Community

During COVID lock down, one of the hardest things for people around the globe was being isolated.  Isolation is not good for our health.  Human Beings need other human beings in order to thrive.  Having a community of like minded human beings is optimal.  One of the things that helped my husband and I the most during the lock down was being a part of Nikken’s Global Wellness Community.

Prior to 2020, we had enjoyed the community not only in our local community in which we live but also while traveling to different states and even different countries to work and play with others from the Global Wellness Community. Nikken Corporate swiftly pivoted to strengthen our on-line community during the world locked down.  It was so  comforting to have our wellness community of friends to talk with , share with and to support each other in a difficult time.  I hand wrote a note several times to all of the members of our closest friends in the Wellness Community to encourage them during lock down.

The Global Wellness Community

People are always asking what is Nikken’s Global Wellness Community and what makes it special. I believe the spirit of Mr. Masuda, the founder of our company created the community. Mr. Masuda needed money to solve a family health problem.  In 1975, he created the first magnetic insoles and took the company to a billion dollars in sales in less than 5 years making sales just on the Island of Japan.  At that time, no other company had every reached a billion in sales that quickly.

Mr. Masuda’s focus for the company was not just a product.  He built the  company on a philosophy known as the 5 Pillars of Wellness.  The five pillars are:  Mind, Body, Family, Society and Finances.  He believed and taught that in order to be well, that you wanted to strive for a balance in all of these areas of life.  He and his business partner Mr. Wantanabe, who now owns the company; grew the company to a leader in global wellness.  They moved the headquarters to the United States and supported the global growth through network marketing.

As a part of Mr. Masuda’s vision, he created a personal development training for everyone who wanted to build a business to assist in developing the leader inside of themselves.  Today that course is called Humans Being More.  I heard that before Mr. Masuda retired that on Monday mornings he didn’t ask how many wellness products had been sold over the weekend, but he wanted to know how many people had attended Humans Being More.  Mr. Masuda’s vision included teaching each family to create a safe place for their family.  He and Mr. Wantanabe created an energy product line so that everyone could create a Wellness Home for their family.  The company’s vision is to improve lives by creating a Global Wellness Community and Movement.

The Wellness Home

Nikken teaches people to create a wellness home as a foundation for their family’s wellness.  All the products that the company brings to market are created to make living well more simple and affordable.   Our foundation products are for energy, sleep, hydration, respiration and nutrition.  We teach people in the global wellness community how to live better and for those who want to work on more balance in their finances, we teach them how to grow their own wellness business which is like a franchise.

Vital Wellness Products

Some of our core products are our countertop water filter, shower filters, portable water filtration bottle and our air filtration machine.  These products provide support for the hydration and breathing which are vital for life.  Nikken has always produced products that are top of the line and last for years to come.  My husband and I still have 3 air filtration machines which are 20 years old and still working perfectly.  Every water filtration machine that we have ever bought is still in use and working without any problems.  Our  products are made to last.

In order to create a wellness home you must have air and water filtration.  Nikken’s PiMag Waterfall delivers the highest level of water filtration while structuring the water, ionizing the water, mineralizing the water, magnetizing the water for energy and alkalizing the water.  Hydration is essential for life and when you purchase a Nikken Waterfall you are providing for years of healthy hydration for you and your family.

Our shower water also needs to be filtered.  Our bodies take in glasses of chlorinated water when we shower or bathe in water that has not been filtered.  Chlorine is a known carcinogen and showering in it is not good for us.  Our hand held and wall mount shower heads do an amazing job of filtering out toxins and creating micro-bubbles that make our skin and hair nice and soft.

The PiMag Water Bottle is one of my best selling products because everyone needs water on the go.  It has the exact same filter as the waterfall, but you take it with you wherever you go.  Geoff and I have traveled to Europe, Latin America, Japan and all across the US with ours.  I never go in a restaurant without mine because I don’t like to drink chlorine.

Our KenkoAir Hepa Air filtration machine is top of the line.  The CDC recommended the use of high quality   Air Filters when COVID was at it’s peak.  Having an air filtration system is such a simple way to improve the quality of indoor air which is worse than the quality of outdoor air.  Our air filter is one of our favorite products.

Each of these filtration devices have to have the filters changed regularly.  If you don’t change them regularly then they can’t provide the full protection that they are designed to give.  When was the last time that you changed your filters?

In the month of August, Nikken is offering the replacement filters for our PiMag Waterfall, PiMag SportWater Bottle, Handheld and Wall Mount Jet Shower filters and the KenkoAir filters at 20% off.  These are all essential elements of the wellness home.  Every member of a family needs to have clean energizing and hydrating water to drink.  They need to have clean filtered water to shower in.  They need pure clean water for when they are on the go.  They also need an air filtration system that filters out harmful bacteria and contaminants from the air they breath at home, school, and work.

Recently I read a couple of articles that raised the concern the people don’t change their filters on their refrigerator as often as they should.  The article said the refrigerator filters that were past their expiration could result in people getting bacteria and viruses.  Nikken filters are so much better than what you have on your refrigerator but Nikken’s filters also have to be changed in order to do their job.

The Sick Season is Coming

Fall is known as the Sick Season because colds and flu begin to be a problem.  Right now we are also dealing with a surge in COVID-19 and Monkey Pox in the United States.  There has never been a time that having hydration and clean air was more important.  Our families need all the energy we can give our bodies to try and stay well and to recover when we do get sick.

Allergy Season Story

Soon we will be in the ragweed season.  Those of us who have allergies can really benefit from having a good air filtration system.  From the time my youngest son was 4 or 5 until he was 16, he got nose bleeds from allergies every fall.  He is allergic to ragweed.  When we got a Nikken Air Filter and the allergens inside our home went down he stopped having nose bleeds.  He moved to college in August and in September he got a nose bleed.  He called me and asked for an air filter for his room.  He stopped having nose bleeds again and that air system is still working today after 14 years.

The air system does not treat or cure allergies, but what it does is clean the air that you breathe.  Breathing clean air with negative ions is a great way to add energy to your body.  During COVID-19,  The US Embassy donated 45 KenkoAir purifiers to the police stations to promote wellness among the police officers.  Everyone needs an air system in their home and everyone needs to change their filters regularly.

If you use any type of filtration device, we encourage you to figure out if it is time to change it.  If you have a Nikken filtration device, I encourage you to order your filters today to save 20%.Off the retail price.   We are ordering ours for the entire year so we have them on hand and make sure we change them as recommended.

Every month, I want to bring you more information about how to live a better life naturally.  My husband and I are passionate about creating relationships with people around the globe who are interested in living their best lives naturally.  We love making new friends and keeping in touch with old ones and sharing ideas about wellness.  If there are any areas of wellness that you would like to see me cover in our blog, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy use your idea.