Freedom Means Perfect Health

In July, we talk a lot about and celebrate Freedom in the USA.  When I think about freedom, I think about having perfect health.  Every morning I write my goals and the first is that Geoff and I experience perfect health.   l love the old proverb, “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.”  Having good health requires conscious choices to live a wellness life style.  Last month Geoff and I had COVID-19, and being sick was not good.

We were very fortunate that our cases were relatively mild.  We had three days where we felt terrible, and then we tested negative. We have felt pretty much normal since.  Unfortunately, everyone does not have that experience.  We will all get sick at some point in our lives, but how we live our lives and support our wellness contributes to how well our bodies are able to repair and recover when they become ill.  Most of us get our cars serviced regularly so that they last longer.  How many cars have you had?  How many bodies will you have in this life time?  Do you need to create or update your wellness plan?

Total Wellness Company

Geoff and I love partnering with Nikken, because Nikken is the only total wellness company in the world.  Every day, but particularly when we were sick, we appreciate our sleep, air, water, and organic nutritionals.  When we provide energy to our bodies, our bodies feel better, and they perform better.  Do you use the cheapest oil in your car or do you choose one that you feel is high quality?  Making the right choice in food and wellness tools is important if we want to protect our bodies.

Our Wellness House

Geoff and I live in a Wellness Home to support  our wellness.  Friends often ask what I mean by living in a wellness home.  We tell them that we chose energy products that support sleep, hydration, nutrition, breathing, and energy.  The next question that we usually get is how do you start creating a wellness home?  That is really up to the individual.  Geoff and I purchased a complete wellness home using cost saving packs 16 1/2 years ago.  We got a magnetic sleep system, an air filter, a water filter, magnetic foot pads  for our shoes  and our backs, and organic nutritionals that supported the areas of wellness that were most important to us.  The benefits that we have experienced have been an going improvement in energy, sleep, memory, decreased discomfort, and a feeling of better overall physical well-being.

Would you like to have?

  • more energy?
  • better sleep?
  • better memory?
  • decreased discomfort?
  • improved physical well being?

Whether you are someone who likes to jog in the park, walk your dog, or just want more energy to get through your daily life, Nikken energy technologies provide support, and promote the wellness that most people want to have.

Have you ever heard anyone say that they liked being sick or tired?  Most people want to live long lives, if they can be mentally and physically strong.  Think of all the things that the Delaney sisters experience living to 106 and 110 in good health.   When I read their first book Having Our Say), I was impressed that neither of them actually put a lot of thought in to living long and well until they were 60.  Sadie Delaney said that when she turned 60 that she thought they would probably live a long time, and that they should exercise daily and eat well.  Wouldn’t you agree that the effort they put in paid a high reward?  They wrote their first book at 100 and 102.  Sadie wrote her last book (On My Own at 107) at 108 after her sister passed away.  Would you like to be that vibrant and enjoying life in your 100s?  Geoff and I sure would.

Just having recovered from COVID we are even more focused on teaching others how to promote wellness in their lives.  , We are really excited to have a new tool for the next few months to promote health and wellness and allow people to save money.  Nikken has created a Summer Active Wellness Starter Pack that you can purchase from now till September 30th.

Nikken Wellness Pack

The pack contains:

  • PiMag Sport Bottle for an endless supply of alkaline, clean, tasty, and energizing water on the go.  This reusable, portable,  and BPA free bottle has technology that is patented, provides nano filtration, and has magnetic decluttering.  The water tastes amazing.  There really is no other bottle on the market that truly compares with it.  The bottle is eco friendly and is totally recyclable.  Nikken is a company that is committed to reduce, reuse, and recycle so that we save our oceans and our earth from the terrible plastic pollution that is occurring.  This water bottle will improve your health through better hydration and the planet through less plastic waste.
  • Kenzen Super CIAGA is a powdered organic juice that is full of antioxidants and provides a super boost to your immune system.  It is low in calories with nothing artificial added to it.  You simply add water and you have a tasty juice.  Kids love this and it is a great alternative to sodas and high sugar fruit juices.  If you like fizzy drinks, just add it to seltzer water.  The super berries that make up Super CIAGA have been proven in research to be anti-carcinogenic, anti-viral and anti-bacterial.  Who doesn’t need to enjoy CIAGA every day with all the viruses, bacterias and carcinogens that we come in contact with every day.  been.  Geoff and I drink it daily and when we were sick we drank it every couple of hours.
  • Magnetic Foot pads, Kenko mSteps or Kenko mStrides, which were Nikken’s first energy product in 1975 are the last item in the pack.  Our insoles may be our most unique and cost effective product.  Magnetic insoles started this company and we went to 1 Billion in sales in under 5 years which was a record and at the time and they were only sold on the island of Japan.  Our current insoles have DynaFlux magnetic technology that provide energy and support for your feet all day long.  Geoff and I wear ours every day and we enjoy the benefits of more energy and more comfort in our feet and legs.  Some of our customers who have foot discomfort even wear them in socks at night and report that they provide a better night’s sleep.

When you buy the summer pack with these 3 products you have daily support for energy, comfort, focus and nutrition to promote wellness.  Geoff and I just finished reading Drop Acid by Dr. Perlmutter.  He has devoted his entire career as a doctor to teaching people how to promote their wellness through food.  He quotes Hippocrates “Let food be thy medicine and let medicine be thy food.”  Now we know that food is not really medicine, but if we choose food that support our bodies then our bodies are better able to ward off disease.  The CIAGA included in this pack is a great addition, especially since COVID numbers are going up across the USA.  We want our bodies to have all the tools they can in order to remain healthy or repair quickly.

Click to check out the pack and get yours today.

Tip of the Month

I highly recommend that you purchase a summer pack for yourself, if you don’t already have these products.  If you have them and use them, then I recommend sharing this with a friend, because you know the power of the energies.  This Summer Pack provides a 20% savings on the products.  We are thinking of buying some to have as gifts for family members and friends.  Is there any better gift to give than the gift of wellness?

We just talked about how important food is.  Nikken provides Whole Food Organic Supplements and provides wellness subscriptions so that customers receive a 10% savings on their subscriptions.  To help everyone support their wellness better they are offering Loyalty Rewards for our customers.  Customers who have a wellness subscription of $200 per month  for 6 months, July 1-December 31, 2022; will receive 150 Nikken Reward Points to be used towards any products that they wish to purchase.  Nikken’s nutritionals are second to none.  We encourage you to check our our nutritionals and to get your own wellness subscription started.  This is a win win.  Your wellness will be supported which is a priceless win and you will receive 150 reward points in January to use towards the purchase of other energy technologies.

If you have any questions about our nutritionals or any of our products, please contact us.  We offer free wellness assessments, with no purchase necessary.  Our passion is teaching others to live their most energetic lives possible.  Have a great July!