Can’t Sleep at Night?

Did you know that 70 million people suffer from chronic struggle to sleep problems and yet scientist don’t totally understand why it is that we need so much sleep.  It is well known that sleep restores us physically and that our brains work so much better when we have good sleep.  However, there must be a disconnection between the research on sleep and the sleep habits we practice in the United States and Canada.  We are some of the most sleep deprived people in the world.

Did you know that humans are the only mammal  that delays sleep?  Have you ever delayed sleep to work or do something fun?  I can relate to this because when I was in graduate school I was working full time, raising 5 kids and I was a full time student.  I acted as if sleep were a waste of my time.  I was exhausted.  Have you ever thought that sleep was a waste of your time?

We live in world that is going faster and faster.  Since the pandemic, people around the globe have had more stress over their health than the world had experienced in 100 years.  Pandemic fatigue is a real thing.  People are making purchases to strengthen their bodies and making changes to their diets.  And yet, when was the last time you heard someone say that they were increasing the number of hours they slept in order to  live healthier, more productively and longer?

Interesting Sleep Facts

  1. Thirty minutes of exercise correlates with 14 minutes of extra sleep per night in improving your health.
  2. People who work 3rd shift and swing shift have a shorter life expectancy.
  3. Teenagers need more sleep than elementary students.
  4. New parents loose 6 months of sleep in their baby’s first 2 years of life.
  5. Sleep disturbances in middle age may be correlated with the development of dementia in our senior years.
  6. Children 3 years of age to 17 are the most likely to sleep walk.
  7. Lack of sleep contributes to obesity.
  8. 75% of people dream in living color.
  9. Men sleep less than women.

Sleep is Essential for a Healthy Body

The national sleep foundation says we need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, but we cannot force ourselves to go to sleep. We can’t even force our children to go to sleep, however there are things under our control that we can do to promote healthy sleep for ourselves and our children.

Tips on How to Sleep Better

  1. Having a consistent bedtime and awakening time promotes better sleep.
  2. Exercising daily, but choosing not to exercise after 6 pm promotes better rest.
  3. No stimulants or alcohol after 6 pm.
  4. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed.
  5. The ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit.
  6. Dark Rooms promotes better sleep, which means using black out curtains and sleep masks.
  7. Remove all electronics from the bedroom and keep your cell phone at least 6 feet from the bed if you must keep your phone in your bedroom.
  8. Lower the lights and stop looking into screens 1 hour before bed.
  9. Use white noise to calm your mind while you sleep.
  10. Choose a supportive mattress to provide relaxation for your muscles.

Are You Tired of Being Tired?

There are so many people who talk constantly about their need for a good night’s sleep.  I hear at least one friend say that they are emotionally exhausted once a week. Unfortunately when I share sleep tips, most often I hear how overwhelmed my friends already are and they just don’t think that they can make more changes in their routine even if it means getting more sleep. I

A Sleep Solution that Requires no Change in Habits

The Kneko Fit by Nikken is an excellent solution to promote better sleep for everyone in your family.  The Kenko Fit is a magnetic mattress topper that promotes a better night’s sleep.  All you do is purchase it, put it on the bed and lay on it each night when you sleep.  There is nothing else like a KenkoFit from Nikken.

Benefits of the Kenko Fit

  1. It promotes regulation of your body temperature with its reflective fibers so that your body is the best temperature for sleep.
  2. The reflective fibers also promote good circulation.
  3. Natural latex nodules massage you as you sleep.
  4. The magnetic field provides the feeling of a relaxing massage every time you lay down. .
  5. It is portable and comes in Twin, Full, Queen and King.
  6. Tourmaline in the mattress along with 800 gauss magnets helps create a calming effect while you sleep.

All of these benefits work together to create your best night’s sleep every night that you lay on your KenkoFit mattress pad.  Because it is so light 10 lbs or less, you can easily travel with it.  My husband and I take ours with us even when we fly. This is a great benefit if you like to travel either locally or across time zones.  Traveling through times zones can be a challenge, but with the KenkoFit we have a natural medication free solution to promote better rest and more energy to enjoy our travels..

How Can a Mattress Pad Provide a Massaging Effect?

The Kenkofit is unique because it is made of Natural Latex, which is called Rubberthane.  Some people worry when they learn that it is latex because they have latex allergies.  No one is allergic to natural latex.  Our latex is produced through regenerative farming to protect the trees in the amazon where is produced. Rubberthane’s design gives you the feeling of a massage as it promotes relaxation and all you have to do it lie down.   The design also promotes air movement inside the mattress topper and along with the ceramic fibers it helps your body adjust to its optimal temperature for sleep.  You are enveloped in a cocoon of magnetic energy and you will love every minute of relaxation.  When you awaken you will appreciate the energy that restorative sleep provides for you.

I highly recommend that you choose to add the Naturest Pillow and Kenko Cream Quilt  to your KenkoFit so that you get to experience the entire sleep system.  Adding these energy sleep technologies provides a the highest level of relaxation and energy that  you can experience.  Just yesterday a friend of mine was sharing her grandson’s experience with the natures pillow.  He told her that he laughed when she gave him the pillow and said it would help him sleep better.  He says now that he has never slept on a pillow like this.  Because he is a college athlete his body is tired and sore frequently.  He says when he sleeps on his pillow his muscle relax and feel comfortable.  He loves awakening full of energy.  Wouldn’t you like to experience that too?

And because Nikken knows that you want your pets,to be as healthy as you are, they have a Kenko Pet Pad.  Our fury friends also have a need for restorative sleep.  The pet pad has a similar design to the KenkoFit with all the benefits for our furry family members that the KenkoFit has for us.  My husband’s service dog loves magnets.  We know this because if there is a pet pad, a magnetic seat cushion, a magnetic mattress or magnetic comforter in the room with him he will go to it and lay down on the magnets.  Animals feel energy more easily than humans.  They want to feel good.

When you invest in a KenkoFit and lay on it every night,  you will be reducing  the stress and fatigue of your daily life.   Sixteen and half years after we bought our first magnetic mattress pad,  one of my son’s is still using it on his bed.  Imagine having a mattress pad that promotes a rejuvenating night’s sleep, provides the comfort of a massage and that is constantly promoting energetic rejuvenation and will provide these benefits for years to come.

Until the last day of June, the Kenko Fit is 30% off for all customers. If you are looking for your best night’s sleep and want to to promote your wellness,  you will want to take advantage of the offer before the end of the month.   The Kenko Naturest Fit will transform you current mattress into a Kenko Sleep System every time you lay down on it to sleep.  Our body’s are programed to sleep and repair.  We must  give our  bodies the right tools and the KenkoFit is a one of a kind tool that can transform your sleep.

Check out the link below to invest in your restorative sleep and to live well.

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