How Does Water Affect Your Life?

Drinking water is vital for our health, and drinking clean water is something that many of us take for granted.  Many people think that water is nothing more than a beverage of choice, but it is actually a vital nutrient.  How does water affect your life? Without water, we die in 3 days.  So, choosing clean pure water and learning what hydration means is an important part of any family’s wellness plan. Every family needs a Nikken water filter.

Dehydration occurs when we don’t take in enough water to replace the water our body loses from perspiration, urination and body processes.  Your body typically loses 68-101 ounces of water per day.   When your body begins to become dehydrated it causes  disturbances in your electrolyte and mineral balance.  Your sodium and potassium balance are most effected.  Besides loosing water, we often consume beverages, food and medications that are diuretics and make our bodies loose water.

We can recover from mild dehydration in our homes by drinking pure water and eating fruits.  Using a water purifier can provide you with the best water to hydrate with.  Bananas are great at replenishing your potassium and are 70-79% water.  Barley water is full of minerals and great at replenishing water and minerals.  Drinking buttermilk, which is rarely thought of as hydrating, is actually a great way to rehydrate especially if you have had diarrhea or vomiting because it is full of probiotics and good for the gut. You can  also add lemon juice and a little salt to pure clean water to help you rehydrate.

Hydration is key to providing energy so that we can enjoy our lives.  Did you know that with only 2% dehydration your physical and mental performance drop?  That is why you  see athletes drinking water almost constantly from a  portable water filter bottle.  Their performance and success depends on their staying hydrated.

How Much Water Do We Need Each Day?

Spring has sprung and we are all getting outdoors more.  As the temperature rises, we will all perspire more.  An athlete may perspire 3 lbs. of water per day when they are working out.  You may not be an athlete, but if you mow grass, take walks or exert yourself in any way when you are outside you will lose enough water to cause dehydration.  You must drink more water in order to keep hydrated and having a personal water filter bottle can help you be your best you.

You may be saying to yourself “I drink water when I feel thirsty, so I won’t dehydrate.”  But did you know that you can become dehydrated long before you actually feel thirsty? By the time you are feeling thirsty your body is already suffering from a level of dehydration.  It is important to have the best water filter system for your home and a water purifier water bottle to sip on a regular basis when you are out and about.

The optimal amount of water to drink per day is calculated by taking your total body weight in lbs. and dividing it by 2.  That gives you the ounces of water you should drink per day.  So, if you weight 160 lbs., you should be drinking 80 ounces of water per day which is ten, 8 oz glasses.

How Does Hydration Affect Us Mentally?

Have you ever thought about the role that hydration with pure water plays in your mental alertness and focus?  It is critical because 85% of brain is water. Research has found that a 1% dehydration creates a decrease in cognitive function of 5%.  When you reach a 2% level of dehydration you may begin to experience short term memory loss, problems with visual motor tracking, a decreased ability to perform mathematic calculations and problems with perceptual discrimination. Many kids who are diagnosed with ADHD could actually be experiencing dehydration.  Elderly people often have shrinkage in the size and mass of their brains which is correlated with memory problems and this could be the result of years of chronic dehydration.  Everyone, whether a child, adult or a senior citizen needs to focus on being well hydrated.

Besides the role hydration plays in mental performance it is also related to mental health symptoms.    Dehydration has been linked to depression, sleep problems, focus and brain fog.  Do you ever have problems getting fatigued in the late afternoon and feel you a need to grab a sugary snack or have a cup of coffee to re-energize?  You may very well be experiencing dehydration.  Drinking coffee will actually make your fatigue worse in the long run.  The caffeine will chemically pep you up, but when the rush is gone you will be even more dehydrated because caffeine is a diuretic.  The sugary snack will only give you a sugar rush and raise your blood sugar before it drops off quickly.  When your blood sugar drops you will still be dehydrated and will probably feel even more tired.   So next time you feel afternoon fatigue grab a glass of pure refreshing water and see how it makes you feel.

How Does Hydration Affect How Much We Weigh?

Hydration is also important if you are working at balancing your weight.  When you are dehydrated your body excretes cortisol which is a hormone correlated with putting on weight in the abdominal area.  Unfortunately, the weight you carry in your abdominal region is the most dangerous to your heart.   The cortisol also decreases the body’s ability to build muscle.  If you are working to create  a lean body  or perhaps you are an athlete who lifts weights, you want to be sure that you are well hydrated so that your body can build lean muscles.

Your body has no means of discriminating between thirst and hunger.  Therefore, often when you feel hungry; your body is actually trying to let you know it is thirsty.  The feeling you get is the same.  So, try having an 8 oz glass of water from an alkaline water purifier the next time you crave a snack.  Wait 15 to 20 minutes and see if the feeling of hunger goes away.  This is a great tip when you want to release extra weight and all it takes is nourishing your body with more clean pure water.

How Does Hydration Affect Our Skin?

If you like having youthful, clear, and vibrant looking skin; hydration is extremely important.  When you are dehydrated your skin tends to appear dry and dull.  Dehydration also causes skin to appear wrinkly.  It makes your skin  have more shadows, wrinkles and puffiness, especially around your eyes. You can figure out whether you are dehydrated or just have dry skin because dry skin feels itchy, may look red and be flaky.  Skin is the last part of your body to benefit from hydration, so if you are dehydrated you will need to drink lots of water before you notice the difference in your skin.  That is another reason to have a water to go filtration bottle.  Then you always have an endless supply of clean pure drinking water.

The water you shower in also effects your wellness.  We need chlorine in our water to kill bad stuff, but we don’t want to drink chlorinated water because chlorine is a toxin.  Having a luxury shower head that filters out the chlorine , like the Nikken shower head can help your skin feel softer and hair feel silkier.

How Does Hydration Affect Our Pets?

Did you know that one of the most importance things in caring for you dog’s health is keeping your pet hydrated?  We all love our fur babies, and we want them to have really long lives and providing them with pure drinking water is essential to their health. Dogs loose water all day through their paws and pants. Your dog needs 1 oz of water per lb. of their body weight each day.  So, an 80 lb. dog needs 80 oz of water per day. You want to keep track of how much water your dog drinks by noting how many times you fill their water bowl with clean pure water.  Having a home water filtration system assures that your dogs are getting the best water for their wellness.

The signs of dehydration in your pup are decreased energy, no interest in eating, sunken eyes and dry mouth.  Two ways to check your dog for dehydration is pinching the skin between your dog’s shoulder blades.  It should spring back to normal immediately.  If it is sluggish then your dog is probably dehydrated.  You can also push in on your dog’s gums with your finger and it will look pale but should almost immediately turn pink again.  If it doesn’t your dog is probably dehydrated.

Keep your dog’s  water bowl at a location that is close to them.  When you take them outside to the park be sure and carry a portable water bowl and some clean pure water to fill it.  You want to offer them extra hydration because they too will sweat more and need to be refreshed by pure clean water.  If you have a refillable water bottle with filter, then you’ll have an endless supply for you and your pet.

The Power of Hydration April Special

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